Welcome to the Lions Voice Clinic of the University of Minnesota, where a team of professionals is dedicated to:
•evaluating and treating voice disorders
•researching all aspects of voice use
•educating individuals about the human voice
•providing a full range of state of the art voice care
•specializing in treating singers, actors, and other professional voice users

We are located in the Academic Health Center of the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, MN. Our offices are within the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic, in the outpatient clinics building of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, a division of Fairview. A major portion of our funding comes from a generous donation from the Lions 5M International. The Lions are dedicated, in part, to human communication.

For appointments with us, please call (612) 624-0563. Please read our appointments section for more information on how to make an appointment.

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Deirdre D. Michael - micha008@umn.edu