How is YOUR voice?


Answer the following 12 questions as YES or NO to determine if you might have a voice disorder. Scroll down to find out what your answers might mean.

1. Does your voice sound hoarse, rough, raspy or gravelly?

2. Does your voice sound weak, breathy or tired?

3. Does your voice sound or feel tired after talking or singing?

4. Do you have discomfort in your neck or throat after talking or singing?

5. Do you sometimes feel that your words are choked, strangled or blocked?

6. Do you feel like your voice is "leaking," like there's silence or a burst of air and that words don't come out?

7. Do you feel that your voice is worse in the mornings? Does your voice take several hours to "wake up?"

8. Do you have a very dry, raw, burning, or stinging feeling in your throat?

9. Do you get spasms in your throat so that you have difficulty breathing?

10. Do you feel that you can't sing as high/low, loud/soft, or as long as you used to?

11. Did your voice get worse with illness and not return to normal when the illness resolved?

12. Did your voice become worse immediately following a surgery?

You may have a voice disorder if . . .

You answered YES to any of these questions


Your ability to communicate has been impaired.

If your voice problems have persisted more than a week we suggest you contact us or visit a voice care team in your area.

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